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The Strain of Breakfast

Typically speaking, I have never been the one who enjoys a cool, bright filled morning. The strain of having to get out of those warm and comfortable bed sheets to enter a chilled room is not the most exciting part of my day. With groggy eyes, a zombie-like walk, and the repeating word of “coffee”, mornings seem more like a chore than a pleasure. After all, who likes waking up before the birds and the bee’s?

With a quick cup of coffee in hand, I immediately get ready to head out the door and begin a new day. Nothing in my day includes the most vital part of the morning routine that all nutritionists say is important to keep healthy, and that is breakfast. But why is it essential to have a piece of toast with jam, yogurt with granola, or even a banana?

According to the specialists, a breakfast meal gives many benefits that we have heard of time and time again: improved performance, weight control, strength and endurance. But these benefits are only for a healthy breakfast. The infamous sausage egg McMuffin does not count as much as we want it to. To have these many benefits one has to either wake up earlier than usual to make breakfast or find a nice bistro on your way to work. Both are equally agonizing since it means spending money and actually attempting to cook.

Even though I did not even think twice about whether I should eat breakfast, hardly anyone in America thinks twice about it as well. Since the 1980’s, we have had a massive loss in meal times. We have grown too busy, tired, and overwhelmed with our days that we have put aside the basic most essential meal in order to jump start the day. Like myself, most Americans grab a cup of coffee and call it a day until lunch time arrives. Due to this, we eat more than we should during the midday to compensate for the lack of energy we have in our body.

Although sleeping in those extra ten minutes, eating breakfast is not that difficult to do. Pop open that yogurt lid and breakfast is served. Grab a banana put some peanut butter in a small container and viola! Fresh fruits, juices, and toast is fast, simple, and easy. Even though we claim that we have no time, there is always room in our day to eat a simple meal even in the morning. Eating breakfast helps improve memory, endurance, and helps jump start any day on good note. So let’s try it. Let’s make breakfast important again.


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