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A Travel Through History in San Antonio

When one thinks of traveling, people often assume that they have to go far and wide to see something spectacular. But the reality is that traveling and seeing something wonderful is just outside your front door. Of course we would all love to go back packing through Europe, stay at a nice hotel (or hostel for the brave hearted) devour in the rich culture that befalls the ancient cities of the world but most of us do not have the resources and means to do so. Going across the ocean to see a new country and culture is always a great idea, but at times an unrealistic one.

When it comes to traveling, we readily tend to forget about the culture and history that lingers around every cornerstone of America. We hold some of the most iconic structures that are known throughout the globe: Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, and The Alamo.

Texas, with its large geographical shape, is the most noticeable state on a map providing outsiders with plenty to see in the Lone Star State. Since it is one of the largest states in America, getting to your desired destination by car will drain your music selection for your travels, but who cares about that when there are sights to see! From the desert enclaves of El Paso, the gentle water of the Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, to the night life of the capital city of Austin Texas has plenty of travel spots to offer, but nothing beats San Antonio.


La Antorcha de la Amistad by Sebastian

For any traveler finding their way to the heart of Texas, the pure sight of San Antonio will have them at a gasp. With historical sights such as the Alamo, which is free entry, architecture that tells its own time, and art that rivals the most prestigious museums around the world, visitors will begin to feel the rhythm and beat that drives this city. With locals that are at the ready to greet visitors with friendly smiles and genuine hospitality, gives a sense of welcome allowing anyone to feel right at home.

With mouth watering cuisine around every corner, you are able to enjoy your dish surrounded by amazing sights. In the midst of this city, you will find a canal with colorful boats that take tourists, and Texans alike, on a tour of the city. With the gentle splash of the water bouncing off the sides of the boat, you begin to realize that although San Antonio is a massive city filled with corporate offices, a university filled with students, workers fixing monuments and roads, there is a transcendent aloofness to it all making this city worth visiting.

The next time you get the travel bug biting you, and have no idea where to go, or think that you cannot go anywhere because of the many restrictions you listed in your head, just remember that traveling does not have to be a hassle. Make a plan, get in the car, and go. You never know what sights you might discover.


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