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The Bookstore with a Twist

With the rise of technology, buying books has become simpler than ever before.  With an easy click, all the literature that you want arrives straight at your door, or straight to your Kindle. But what happened to good old fashioned bookstores? The rise of Amazon’s Kindle and IBooks has put a major decline in bookstores all around the globe. But some are not going down without a fight.

Although there is a Barnes and Nobles everywhere you look, the fact that it is a huge franchise, and corporation, with millions of dollars invested does not necessarily count as a bookstore fighting the good fight against technology. Other bookstores, on the other hand, that are privately owned have gone down in flames. Others, like The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, California, is a true gem that deserves to stay open to the public.

Book lovers all over will enjoy not only the collection of books that are for sale, but the aura and atmosphere of the place as well. Centered in the heart of Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore holds art work all around the walls created from local artists to show case their work. This unique and eclectic bookstore contains more than just artwork, its in-store design gives people an eye opening experience. From books creating a tunnel, to books built as a wall with windows through them, providing a shopping experience one would never forget.



Although the wall deco is something to rave about, it is not what makes the Last Bookstore worth visiting. With books ranging from new to used with a great price attached, this wide-ranging bookstore has books for every type of book lover. There is even a section dedicated to used books being sold for only just a dollar!

Getting lost in this plethora of literature that this bookstore has to offer beats Barnes and Noble any day. And forget about the usage of a tablet to read a book. The Last Bookstore reminds us all that reading from an actual paperback is better than reading from a small screen.


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