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The Best About Open Mic Night

Let’s face it, we all love music and we all love the beat, the lyrics, and the sound that drives every individual to tune out the everyday working schedule to listen in to the sweet blissful rhythm and beat of a song. But nothing beats going to a show and hearing music live through the speakers. So when it comes to what to do on a Friday night hold off on the club scene, and here are the top five reasons why one should go to an open mic night.


As much as we all love our favorite artists, we get extremely picky when it comes to listening to something new, especially when the band playing the music is still unknown and testing out their skills as musicians. By listening to these new artists, you never know where they might end up in the end. After all, where would the Arctic Monkeys be if we didn’t give them a chance when playing for the first time in a few bars?


Not only will you have the opportunity to go to listen to live music for free, a meet and greet with the musicians is also an added bonus. And who are we kidding, who wouldn’t want to get to know the lead singer of an up and coming band? Did someone say, groupie?


No matter what your reasons may be to go to the open mic night, having a small performance with a small audience makes it feel like a personal show dedicated to just you. And since it’s an open mic night, not everything is going to be staged making the performance of the night unique and memorable.


All open mic nights tend to be different and will always host different musicians playing various tunes that differ in the music scale, but there is never anything wrong with catching a free show. And since most open mic nights are hosted at either a bar or coffee shop, grab a drink with your friends and enjoy the show.


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