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The Best Taste is Pink’s

When traveling in and around Los Angeles, California, there are many pit stops and sightseeing areas that fill up your entire schedule, but through all the sightseeing areas, we always forget about the gourmet sights to see and taste. Food may not be on your high priority to do list, but while you are enjoying something new to look at, enjoy something new to do as well. With plenty of eateries to enjoy in Los Angeles, the most mouth watering delectable gourmet sights to give your taste buds a whirl are the hidden gems that will make your visit even more memorable. 

Pink’s Hot Dogs has been a part of the Los Angeles go to places since its establishment in 1939, and has been providing one of a kind hot dogs in the exact same spot where it was first founded by Paul Pink. As business grew, the menu became creative and has since then offered a vast variety of choices that you cannot get anywhere else, making Pinks a one of kind eatery in the Los Angeles area.


As a unique establishment Pinks not only offers amazing food, but it also offers amazing service. Upon ordering, cooks prepare and make your meal within 30 seconds allowing you to enjoy your freshly hot made meal in the warm Californian sun. Although the wait in line does usually take up to an hour, being able to eat a Chicago Polish Dog that has mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, lettuce is definitely worth the wait.

If hot dogs are not your cup of tea, the menu does expand to include, a variety of hamburgers, side dishes, and the good old vegetarian choices as well. Once you have made your way to Pink’s, you will no longer crave or want a regular ketchup and mustard hot dog, and there is without a shadow of a doubt that Pink’s is definitely worth seeing and eating.


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