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The Hunt for Easter

As Easter approaches this Sunday, chocolate bunnies and colorful covered eggs are going fill every household in America. As children parade around the yard looking for eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny, a delicious meal is served around the dining room table to be among family and rejoice in the new season. But through this all, one begins to wonder how this all came about.

Traditionally, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ by Christians and Catholics around the world. In many places such as the Philippines where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is reenacted in a public square for all to see. Although unlike other reenactments, they do actually go so far as to use real nails on the many actors who have portrayed Jesus Christ throughout the years. In other places, Easter represents the coming of Spring along with plenty of chocolate. But why a bunny to represent spring and this particular holiday?

According to, the source of using eggs came from German immigrants who told stories of a rabbit who laid eggs. Children began decorating eggs in colorful colors, although no one knows exactly where the tradition came from. Some claim that coloring eggs was a way to celebrate the end of lent by eating the colored eggs the day after, but that’s all speculation. And thanks to modern times, candy was later added to the mix. And who can forget Willie Wonka trying to get ahead for the following year by not telling his Golden Geese that Easter was over. Though the Easter Bunny has no affiliation with the Bible or with any other religious meaning to Christianity, it has been used to represent Easter since its first mention by German immigrants in the 1700’s. And where would we all be without having chocolate bunnies to eat every March and April? 

Although the history behind Easter has now become a mixture of religion and simple tradition, one thing is for certain: that people all around the world enjoy this holiday in a form of solidarity. From the passion of Christ to searching for hidden eggs, no matter what the reason may be, celebrating this holiday brings everyone together for one special day. Even though the Easter Bunny is not real, trailing around with a basket filled with goodies is never a bad idea.


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