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Viva Las Vegas

It’s the beginning of spring break, and what better way to spend it than at Vegas! Las Vegas, Nevada is the typical college break that most students prefer to go to, apart from the beaches Mexico and Florida, it is a great destination to go to for several reasons.

Other than the fact that you can drink like a maniac in public all day and all night, Las Vegas is more than just alcohol and not remembering the events of the night before. On the contrary, when going to Vegas, you should make sure to remember every moment of your visit because every night will turn out to be extremely different from the next. Even when you first arrive, exiting the lonely desert towards a city filled with dozen of lights will have you in extreme awe. From casino to casino, and billboards displaying the latest shows will make you sprint towards the reception area.

No matter which casino you decide to stay in, visiting all the casino’s in the strip is a must. Although each and every casino is filled with slot machines and poker tables, they are all different from one another. Set with their own theme, it will seem as if entering a different place within another from the ancient city of Rome to the streets of Paris, Vegas has something to offer to every visitor across the globe, and no matter which hotel you are stay in, there is always some place to be and someplace to eat.

Ranging from five star restaurants to the ever so favorite buffets, there is always some delectable and savory headed your way. Sure many of us can’t enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s famous beef wellington due to economic reasons, but standing in front of the restaurant is close enough. And no matter what you decide to do with your evenings, Cirque du Soleil is always a popular choice along with dancing the night away at the Bellagio, or seeing The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage.

Whether going on spring break or getting away for a while, going to Las Vegas is never a bad idea. Seeing the original strip from the 1970’s while having a few, or plenty, of drinks with friends, all the while learning that perhaps poker isn’t your strong suit, and the slot machines may be your safest bet. So get your wolf pack ready and head for a weekend you’re sure to remember.


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