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A Soufflé to Die For

There is nothing so beautiful as egg yolks, flour, butter, and chocolate mixed together. Separate ingredients coming together creates some of the most mouth watering desserts imaginable. Although most complain that it takes less than two minutes to eat a piece of dessert and more than twenty minutes to make, it is not about how long it takes to make, but the entire process as a whole is what truly makes baking worth doing, and a soufflé is exactly just that.

When we think of a soufflé we automatically think of the word ‘difficult’. Even by just looking at it with its puffed up top towering high over the rim of its ramekin, a difficult process begins to unfold within our minds wondering how on earth can anyone make something as beautiful as that? As most of us are what Julia Child called “the servantless Americans”, cooking French food sounds absolutely remarkable and not as challenging as we always thought. 

To make the soufflé, or chocolate soufflé in this case, all that it requires is some dark chocolate, eggs, a pinch of salt, cocoa powder, heavy cream, milk, sugar, water, and powder sugar to coat. Although most of us are like Homer Simpson who easily burns cereal, soufflés are a dream to make since all it requires is mixing the milk and heavy cream together over stop top, mixing the dark chocolate (which you can get a bar of chocolate at any store) after the cream and milk slightly boil, then adding the water and cocoa powder. Then whisking the egg whites into a frenzy with the salt, then slowly adding the sugar until soft peaks form. Then after that, the rest is history! Simply add the egg yolks (left over from the egg whites) to the chocolate batter, then add the whisked frenzied egg whites to the chocolate and viola! You have now become a semi-professional french pâtissier. 

              IMG_3958 Before the oven souffle

Although it did not puff up as much as it should have, what’s another 20 minutes in the kitchen? Even though these instructions are not as thorough as you might find in a cookbook, this is to simply show you that the most difficult things we imagine is actually the completely opposite. It is only our mind set that prevents us from creating things such as a soufflé. The sweet chocolate taste that completely melts in your mouth is worth putting aside any kitchen fears you may have, and definitely worth the sweat over the hot stove for. 


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