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“Citizens of the Universe” Album Review

All across the country there are a multitude of new young artists springing up in venues to make their debut, and showcase their original music to audiences who can either be extremely skeptical, at times a bit unforgiving, but also enthusiastically eager to support something new. Although some artists have not yet found their voice or their sound, there are plenty of artists who are ready to show the world what they are made of, and one of those artists is Guns of the Seneca. 

There is something extremely relaxing and pure when it comes to instrumental music. Lyrics have become something that we identify with amazing music, after all, where would be without Freddie Mercury singing “Mama, just killed a man.” But there is something quite unique and expressive in instrumental music in which lyrical poetry in songs does not have. It allows listeners to enjoy the music without having to be distracted by words. The members of Guns of the Seneca have pulled off something that is sometimes quite difficult to do. In a sense, that we are hearing their heart and soul being poured into every riff and beat without being told through the lyrics.

“Citizens of the Universe” being their first full length album since the group’s formation in 2007, this is nothing short of astonishment. With a Tame Impala meets indie rock sound, “Citizens of the Universe” was definitely worth a listen. With several of their songs being created throughout the years in their studio, in which they built from the ground up in Raceland, Louisiana, their music showcases who they are and how they are in a live performance. Although they are an experimental instrumental group, they do have a flair for lyrical writing as well. With only three songs throughout the album that include lyrics, the voice, and sound, that fills your earphones will in no doubt make you crave for more. 

To know more about the band visit their Facebook page, or give them a listen on Soundcloud.


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