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Find Your Zen In Little Tokyo

When it comes to exploring the city of Los Angeles, nothing is better than taking a stroll through the streets of Little Tokyo. As one of the best destinations, finding your inner zen in this small village will no doubt leave you filled with memories and a full stomach.

Just as it is in Japan, the mix between old and new is clearly seen in Little Tokyo. With many of the original buildings standing next to the new modern ones, this allows visitors to see just how much the village has changed over the years. But even with change, somethings still remain the same. Whether you are into Japanese culture or not, binging on sushi, udon, ramen, and dessert is always worth visiting Little Tokyo for.

With plenty of small grocery stores and restaurants, getting your fill of Japanese food is never enough. From authentic snacks such as shrimp flavored chips, the best tempura available, refreshing Ramune soda to quench your thirst, and above all there is enough mouth watering sushi to feed a small country. And if your wallets are not empty by then, the petite shops that surround the small village is enough to make you go for broke.

Japanese soft drink

From decorative plates, chopsticks, banners, sake bottles to parasols and kimono’s, your shopping endeavors are sure to be fulfilled. With Japan leading the way in pop culture, it is absolutely necessary that Little Tokyo stay true to Japanese culture by having a vast variety of anime and manga shops. Although it is nothing compared to Akihabara, (a district centered in the heart of Tokyo that is completely dedicated to electronics, anime and manga), these shops carry shelve after shelves of manga and comic books, along with posters, movies, and more.

These shops give locals and tourists a taste of Japan, and keeps Japanese culture alive in a small area in Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for some comic books or great restaurant to enjoy an evening meal, Little Tokyo has a little bit of something for everyone.


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