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Learning Swedish the Easy Way

With plenty of learning language apps out on the market, deciding which language to speak can be quite daunting. Some only give you the general basics and others make you pay even more money for learning a few more lessons. And when it comes to the learning process some are vague, skip a few fundamentals, and start you off thinking that you already know the basics. But after searching in the haystack you finally find the needle, and Say It In Swedish is that very needle.

Sweden holds roughly 9 million speakers and is home to one of the worlds oldest monarchy, a low crime rate, high life expectancy rate, health care levied by taxes, and has much more to offer than just IKEA and ABBA. Traveling to Sweden should be on everyones travel list, and although English is spoken by many Swedes, learning the language is never a bad idea.

Starting from lesson one, you begin to learn the simple basics to get you on track to learning Swedish. With an audio guide hosted by the creator Joakim Andersson, he starts you off by teaching you how to introduce yourself, along with some fun facts about the country that gets you even more intrigued on learning how to speak the language. Apart from the various lessons that are provided to you, Say It In Swedish equips its learners with extensive videos, games, and vocabulary lists with topics that range from the weather to the Olympics. Along with pictures to help you remember the words, phrases, and sentences this site makes learning Swedish that much more enjoyable.

With only two sites, one for German speakers and the other for English speakers, the Say It In Swedish app is handy for anyone wanting to learn on the go. By the end of a few courses, it will have you confidently walking down the street saying Hej to everyone.


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