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Top 5 Foreign Songs to Listen To

As amazing are the songs that we hear through the radio, sometimes hearing something new for a change is never a bad idea. Sure, Imagine Dragons with their song “I’m So Sorry” is extremely catchy with its rock n’ roll fervor and the latest pop song to hit the billboards gets us all on our feet, but with a world so big there are plenty of songs that are worth listening to, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. As Lao Tzu quoted, once you have “music in the soul, it can be heard in the universe”. Without further ado, here are the top five non-English songs to start listening to today:

1. Jarabe de Palo: “Bonito”

Originated from Spain, this rock group started out in 1996 and are notoriously known to constantly repeat a word or phrase throughout the song. “Bonito” is not only catchy, but the lead singer (who strongly resembles Seth MacFarlane) emphasizes his admiration for finding everything beautiful which ultimately puts a smile on your face.

2. Stromae: “Tous les Memes”

Paul Van Haver, or better known by his stage name Stromae, started out in 2000 and has become one of France’s top singers. His song “Tous les Memes” describes the torrent outbursts between a man and woman, which he portrays himself in the music video. With a mix of different sounds from pop, electro, and even Spanish mamba, this song brings out your inner chic.

3. RAIN: “30 Sexy”

RAIN, or Jung Ji Hoon, is considered as South Korea’s King of Pop. He is a multi-talented artist who not only has an amazing voice and killer dancing skills, but he is also a top notch actor (which some will remember his performance in Ninja Assassin). As a triple threat, RAIN’s songs are some of the best and the older he gets the better they become. The minute he turned 30, he wrote a hit number to which we can all agree that he truly is “30 Sexy”.

4. Preet Harpal: “PG”

Sometimes a music tells you all you need to know about the song than the lyrics. Without understanding a single word Preet Harpal is singing about, his music gives us an insight to the hilarity of a drunken night’s mistake, and the reprecussions that follow. Not only is the video entertaining to watch, but the song itself makes you want to bring out your best Bollywood dancing skills.

5. Per Gessle: “Kvar I Min Bil”

If you have ever seen the film Let the Right One In, you will undoubtedly have already heard this song. With a classic oldies sound this rock n’ roll melody has some of the best up-beat guitar rhythms and drum beats, even after finding out that the song is about heartbreak. It sure makes breaking up sound quite cheerful and less dramatic.

Do you agree with this list? Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite foreign song.


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