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The Best Thanksgiving Television Specials

It is the first week of November and the countdown to eat that special turkey has commenced, along with saying goodbye to those beach bodies we have all worked incredibly hard to achieve. Since there are still a few weeks ahead of us until we can stuff ourselves silly, bypassing the time and getting rid of the anticipation won’t be as difficult by watching these ultimate Thanksgiving themed television episodes.


With some of the best Thanksgiving themed episodes, “The Rumor” not only places then husband and wife Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together, but it makes this episode one of the best when we find out that Ross and Will (aka Brad Pitt) were in a “I Hate Rachel Green” club. From beginning to end, this episode is nothing short of hilarity among amazing Thanksgiving food.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

With the new Gilmore Girls episodes coming to Netflix, rewatching some of the old episodes reminds us that being quirky, smart, and addicted to coffee is not such a bad thing after all. With “A Deep Friend Korean Thanksgiving”, running around with our two favorite women as they venture around Stars Hollow going from not one dinner table, but four. With a crazy deep fried turkey and witticism to drive anyone mad, this episode is definitely worth a watch.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond

With nine hilarious seasons with the crazy Barone family, sharing a Thanksgiving meal with another family that isn’t as crazy as they are is a recipe for disaster. An injured bird gets put out of its misery by Pat Mcdougall, and it sets both families against each other.  With a historical reinactment of the First Thanksgiving being played by both rivaling families, this makes it a Thanksgiving episode worth remembering.

New Girl

New Girl

“Who’s that girl?” It’s Jessica Day serving up a hilarious Thanksgiving dinner for her new beaux Paul (aka Justin Long). As to be expected in the loft, everything that could go wrong goes from bad to worse. From a turkey that won’t cook, dead bodies being found, and tears mixed with shouts makes this a Thanksgiving dinner we all want to attend.



With Reba trying not to have her ex-husband’s new ditzy wife, Barbara Jean, take over the holiday, a compromise is made where both women will have control of the meal. With chaos, stupidity, and witty remarks makes this episode a definite must watch Thanksgiving special.


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