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The First Thanksgiving

{copyright: Paramount Pictures}

With only a few more days until we can officially pull a Joey Tribbiani and put on our Thanksgiving pants, the thought of eating a filled with food along with somehow saving room for dessert makes us all anxious for this day to arrive. But as we eagerly wait, here are some fun facts about the actual First Thanksgiving that probably were not in your history text books.

No Invitation

On the day of what we call the First Thanksgiving, there was no actual invitation given to the neighboring tribe, the Wampanoag. In fact, after hearing gun shots, the Wampanoag thought they were being attacked and prepared themselves for battle. When they arrived they saw the opposite of what they were expecting, which was dinner being prepared.

Not One Day, But Three

After realizing that the Pilgrims were only having a banquet, and not preparing for war with the Wampanoag, they gathered food and supplies to eat alongside the Pilgrims. Even though we celebrate Thanksgiving on one day only, the first meal between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag did not last one day, but rather three.

Squanto, The Slave

As we all know, Squanto was the sole person that helped the Pilgrims in surviving their first winter, and having a bountiful harvest that enabled them to have that first three day banquet. But the life of Squanto was more than just a helper, it was in fact more dramatic. He was sold into slavery, not once but twice, escaped, returned home to find that his tribe had died from diseases, and was left alone.

Smelly, Smelly, Pilgrims

Europeans had a lot of crazy ideas in the 16th and 17th century that bathing regularly was unhygienic and eating vegetables were not good for the human body because it came from the ground, which left the Pilgrims smelling rather repulsive causing their party guests to complain of the reeking smell.

With this now in mind, have a wonderful turkey filled Thanksgiving everyone!


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