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Let’s Groove with Felix Koopa

{copyright: Felix Koopa}

“This love was meant to survive, I’m signing up for war, But I’m on the futile side”, are lyrics that are being sung straight from the heart of Louisiana. With only a few songs under their belt, Felix Koopa is by no means a group that has a wide future ahead of them.

Their single, “Habitue” begins the bands EP with a rapid guitar jump start, which sets off an eclectic range of harmonious grouping throughout the song and leads all the way to the very end of every track. With elements of classic rock, metal, and a subtle hint of “groove”, which by definition is to “create and enjoy rhythmic music”, this has driven and given sole inspiration as a whole for Felix Koopa as a band. With strong vocals and killer guitar solo’s, which is undeniably rock n’ roll worthy, every song they have created keeps your foot tapping to the beat.

With the prospect of a new single and album that is currently in the works, the group hopes to have it available to the public early on this year. Although the band does remain local for the time being, their mini tour provides not only the public a chance to listen to them, but also the opportunity for Felix Koopa to grow as a strong group that will one day have every one singing their lyrics.

Listen to Felix Koopa via Spotify or listen to one of our favorite tracks down below.


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